Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Last Post in 2009

Yeay, 2010 is only 2 days away. New year, usually I made a new year resolutions. But not this time, because it would be such a waste of paper since I didn't do what is in the list :D

Anyhooo it's been more than a month since i've written my last post. And I'm just gonna make this post straight-to-the-point.

#whathappensin2009 well that's a long list but I'll make a list based on what I remembered and made me not be able to forget it.

+the process of making thesis, the so-called "sidang pendadaran", and the graduation day

+entered the another-so-called "dunia kerja"

+meet new friends from office

+so many of my family members that passed away

+well there's so many ups and downs, new experiences, that i can't explain it here

But lets call it a year! 2009 gives me so much happiness and trials (read : cobaan) and THANK U ALLAH SWT for all the laugh and tears, anger, dissapointment, EVERYTHING J

I hope 2010 will do me good. My career *blah, my relationship with family, boyfriend, friends, and everyone that related to me, everything went well.

Goodbye 2009, do i have to say it again? YOU'VE BEEN GOOD TO ME. I'm really happy that I left 2009 with bunch of good memories. And well, HELLO 2010, I'm glad i had a chance to meet you (well 2 days more, InsyaAllah)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Feeling : Sad

Yes, I'm feeling sad right now. My bf just told me that he couldn't come to my graduation day on November 21st because he probably still flying along Indonesia, he maybe can make it to photoshoot after the ceremonial, if it's not too late. I feel like crying right now, but it was impossible, because I'm still in office.

Now I want to make myself laughing by reading this ridiculous blog post by insomniac lollita..

Tmi Thursday : Gotta Love Underwear Models

Holy crap, it's Thursday. You know what it means? Crazy kids gotta participate on Lilu's TMI Thursday. Today's TMI story is about a guy best friend of mine, he's not new in my blog because I wrote about him in one of my previous TMI posts.

So if you've read my blog for long, let me refresh your memory. Remember a guy friend of mine who liked a Japanese chick who's into blond haired guy, he ended up dyeing his hair blond only to have it rubbed all over her crotch? Yeah, that guy. I wont mention his name here like I did in the previous post. Let's just call him with his initial, R.

I should give him TMI award for having really awesome things happen to him often.

A lot of people know that my friend R currently works in an oil company in Singapore since last year, and before that he worked here in the company's Jakarta office. But less people know that aside of that, he's also a part time model...

... unless for people who are into fashion so much and read fashion magazines, of course. Finding his pictures in magazines and store billboards are unavoidable. The guy's tall, toned, tanned, and of Puerto Rican and French descents. Fashion industry loves him, so do women and men ( He's straight though ) . He did ad campaigns for several brands, some that I remember were Etro, Energie, Diesel, and... Calvin Klein underwear.

Enjoy this, lovelies!

Knowing your friend did an underwear ad is amazing, you see? You can constantly mock him about it. Especially when you go to the store in the mall and see the big billboard of him and another model dude sprawling on a big white bed only in their tight briefs.

But you know what's even more amazing? Hearing his ( overly ) detailed story about it. I remember it as if it was yesterday.

R, me, and our friend Natasha were out shopping at one of the malls here. Of course we made it a habit to walk pass the store and mocked R. We then sat at our favorite coffee shop to drink, eat cakes, and talk. Its our after-shopping habit. As we enjoyed our coffees, Natasha asked about the other model dude in the billboard because he's cute, she wondered whether R could introduce them and asked what he's like.

R kinda got this weird expression on his face before he answered, "Alex. He's Russian. Don't really know the guy but I don't think you want him."

Of course Natty was all like, "Why not? You don't think I'm pretty enough for him?"

The following conversation ensued.

R : No, of course you're pretty. I just think he's not into women.

Me : How do you know? He's bigger than you.

R : *glared*

Me : I'm not talking junk size, you're such a guy. I'm talking pecs and biceps!

R : Believe me, I KNOW.

Natasha : How do you know? He told you or something?

R : No, he got a hard on when the photographer took picture of us on that bed...

Us : WHAT???

R : Yeah...

Me : *laughing* Explain!

R : Yeah...he told me he's sorry but he couldn't help it with us being so close all afternoon. The whole photo shoot was a bit stalled because you cant have it while shooting for underwear ad. I mean, we were only in our briefs.

By that time, me and Natasha were laughing to tears and R scowled. Definitely regretted telling us this. But he still answered when Natasha asked, "What did Alex do then? You guys finished the shoot, after all."

R said matter-of-factly, "He told us he needed 5 minutes bathroom break."

I didn't have the heart to ask R who did he think Alex was fantasizing during his "bathroom break", if you know what I mean. Awkward.

I know who would probably laughing her a*s off this story, yea you dude! LOL
Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Want I Want I Want

Let's straight to the point, I was googling earlier and then i found these..
First is, Tory Burch Flip Flops. I want the pink one, please..

and then second one is, Tory Burch wedges..

Yeah, I can only dreaming of having even one of those. Dream as you'll live forever, right?
And here is my google chrome theme is created by Tory Burch :)) super cute!

Btw, the more realistic item that I can buy is Fossil Wallet, I googled the one that I want but couldn't find it. Sigh.
And also, I want a Levi's Jacket, I saw it on the store. It's very cool. I googled it and too bad I couldn't found that one too.
Monday, October 12, 2009

My Kind of Monday

It's Monday, means the weekend is over and i have to go to the office. Today's traffic is just fine, it only tooks me half an hour from home to office (ride along motorcycle with my brother). And yea I just got back from Bandung last Friday for business trip. This morning, my boss told me that "maybe" our next project is in Bali, couldn't wait!!!

Now I'm still at my cubicle, while opening my facebook account, one of my cousin updates his facebook status "Tasa Nugraza Barley have you ever ridden an ojek taksi? Well, I have. Read my report on tomorrow's edition. (www.thejakartaglobe.com)" and then of course i open the link and found his blog. His blog is interesting and I'm surely gonna add his blog to my reading list. I've read one of his writing a few months ago when he put it in his facebook notes and it is posted at www.thejakartapost.com. Here it is, enjoy..

A little bit of America in all of us

Tasa Nugraza Barley , Maryland | Mon, 05/12/2008 10:51 AM | Opinion

Yes, we hate America. We hate their stupid culture and we condemn their arrogance. George W. Bush is the worst American president and it's so exciting that even most Americans think that way too. We curse at them when we see news on TV about Afghanistan and Iraq.

We feel offended when they call our Muslim brothers and sisters terrorists. Thus, some of us even praise Osama bin Laden for his notorious success in making America look like a fool.

We support every demonstration in front of the U.S. Embassy and burning their flags is fine because it's a representation of our solidarity with those who are oppressed and poor.

And we wish someday we could have a president like Sukarno again who bravely said to America, "Go to hell with your aid!"

But shamefully, the reality is we also love America so badly. You have to admit that fact.

Of course we do, that's why there's a McDonalds on every corner in Jakarta. Of course we do, that's why Starbucks is the coolest place to hang out for young Indonesians in Jakarta. And of course we do, that's why more and more young Indonesians in small cities dress like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Who doesn't love American movies? At least I do. I love Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. I love Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese. In my opinion, Hollywood movies are the greatest heritage of American pop culture.

Let's face it, we can't avoid America. Especially the young ones. Everywhere we go and every time we breath we see America with all its products and values.

Some of us can't live without a computer and internet connection. We worship Bill Gates for inventing software that enables us to live so much easier.

Some of us can't live without an iPod, the small gadget created by Steve Jobs which has become part of our daily lives, and which we use to listen to our favorite American singers, like Mariah Carey and Usher.

It's impossible to avoid America, you may say you hate it, but deep down inside you know you love it too. At least, you know you love their inventions and technology.

Believe it or not, even Indonesians who love to perform demonstrations on the streets and sometimes protest American policies actually watch CNN to grasp some of America's free speech.

Don't feel guilty if you're one of them; I suggest you simply smile and laugh. Forget all those radical comments. This is the 21st century, not World War II. Don't be afraid of all the threats that the radicals make because even radicals love to eat KFC.

It's fine to have a little bit of America in you. It's fine to have a little bit of France or Japan in you. You shouldn't be ashamed of yourself as long as the Indonesian factor in your blood dominates your way of thinking.

Having a little bit of something else from other countries gives you a better perspective for looking at this world. It also gives you the ability to make great changes to your community.

I encourage every young Indonesian who currently lives in a foreign land to learn new things -- as many as possible. If you live in an advanced country then you are more qualified to teach your people how other cultures progress.

Let those Americans laugh thinking that we want to be like them, but let's keep it inside that someday we will laugh together with them.

The writer is a postgraduate student in Washington D.C. His personal blog is http://guebukanmonyet.com.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

One Hell of A Story

Yesterday I decided to stay at home and not going to office, I told one of my office-friend that I have stomachache and couldnt come to the office. And maybe because its Ramadhan Month which is a holy month for all muslims in the world, I got cursed! I dropped my blackberry to closet, ew.. the good thing is I have flushed the closet, sooo the water is clean from poo :P

When I picked up my blackberry from my closet, I see that my bb is still working and then I just pulled out the battery quickly and wiped it with my shirt. Then I blowdry my bb and I left it at home because I wanna go to carrefour. 2 hours later when i'm back at home, I blowdry my bb again, and I tried to turn on my bb. It's working, the LED light flash is on and the screen display the loading symbol, that's a good start. But, the screen begin to fogged up! And what happened next is the keypad O an U kept typing itselves. Arrrgghhh..

And I pulled out the battery again and turn it on, still working, this time I can type my PIN and Facebook notifications starts to come, bbm is working, YM and MSN is working too. I put down the bb for a minute and when I tried to unlock the keypad, it's not working! I don't know why... grrrr...

And I pulled out the battery again and turn it on again, still working, but this time I can't type my PIN, the 1 and 5 number is not working!!! Grrr.. and then I realized why I couldn't unlock the keypad very likely because the * button is not working too!

I talked to one of my friend via YM, she told me to googled it, I wonder why I didn't have that brilliant idea! So, I googled it and found this. The man who wrote that tells us to put our wet bb to rice! It may sounds strange, but somehow I trusted him. So I take a big glass full of rice and put my bb into it. That's a good thing I lived in Indonesia, where rice is our primary food! I left my bb again at home and go to Kemang with my college friends. When i'm back home, I can see that the fog is gone! Amazing! I got a feeling that my bb is fine.

And this morning, before i'm going to office, I bravely turn on my bb.. LED is flashing, the screen display the loading symbol, and the time has come for me to input my PIN.. my heart was pounding, but I made it!! I can type my PIN! Yay! I tried to type all the letter and number to check if it's working. And then I tried to call my bb from my other cellphone, the speaker works! All working! I feel so relieved.

I've learned my lesson, from now I will never bring my blackberry to toilet again! But, if you guys maybe having the same problem with me, trust that guy and me, the rice is so damn works!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

One thing that i will always regret ‘til the day I die

Karena sekarang sedang bulan Ramadhan gw jadi teringat kejadian 5 tahun lalu. Pada saat itu tahun 2004, bulan oktober sekaligus bulan ramadhan. Gw berulang tahun ke 16. Gw ulang tahun pas hari biasa dan ngadain buka bersama di rumah hari sabtunya. Mbah putri masih ada pada saat itu, dia masih nelvon gw ngucapin selamat ulang tahun. Mbah putri udah sakit²an dan nyokap gw tiap hari menempuh perjalanan berangkat pagi² untuk ke Ciputat dan pulang malem² ke Kedoya untuk jagain Mbah. Bokap gw lagi ada di Tanjung Pinang.

Hari sabtu buka bersama berjalan dengan lancar, saya senang, semua senang. Biasanya kalo hari minggu, gw pasti nemenin nyokap ke rumah Mbah. Tapi hari minggu itu gw sama nyokap males²an pergi, karena ngerasa masih kecapean abis buka bersama kemarin, dan berencana untuk ke rumah Mbah agak siangan aja. Sampe akhirnya salah satu Pakde gw nelvon dan bilang kalo mbah gak mau makan. Gw sama nyokap langsung panik, gak mungkin kalo misalnya mbah musti nungguin kita yg masih blm berangkat dari rumah untuk kesana. Nyokap pun nyuruh pakde gw bawa mbah ke RSPI biar sekalian ketemu disana dan gak buang² waktu.

Gw sama nyokap nyampe RSPI duluan, pakde gw belum sampe. Setelah bberapa lama, pakde gw akhirnya dateng, tapi dengan muka yg merah, sepupu gw di dalem mobil udah bercucuran air mata. Gw masih gatau harus ngapain, sampe akhirnya gw liat mbah diangkat ke tempat-tidur-berjalan itu, merem, dan keliatan tidak berdaya. Tangisan gw langsung pecah seketika, gw peluk nyokap gw. Mbah masih dibawa ke ruangan ICU, dipasangin mesin denyut nadi yg gambarnya cuma garis datar dan suaranya cuma satu nada. Gw cuma bisa diem dan nangis di depan Almarhumah Mbah. Nyeseeeeeeelllll banget kenapa gw sama nyokap harus menunda² pergi gw ke rumah Mbah. Seandainya gw lebih cepet dikit, masih bisa ketemu Mbah walaupun itu adalah hari terakhir Dia. Seandainya waktu bisa diulang, gw pengen mengulang hari Minggu itu, dan berangkat dari pagi ke rumah Mbah, dan menikmati detik² terakhir gw sama Mbah.

Gw ga akan pernah lupa semua tentang Mbah, kebiasaannya Dia bersenandung kecil, semua masakan bikinannya yg super lezat, nemenin Mbah nonton sinetron dan kuis², nemenin Mbah duduk di teras sore², and everything.

I miss you Mbah Putri and Mbah Kakung, so bad. I wanna meet you both, although only in my dreams.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random junk #2

Errrr its been a month gw ga update blog.. i didnt realized it. Sorry peeps, been busy with work. I'm working now, at PT. Praweda Ciptakarsa Informatika, its been 2,5 weeks.. And beside that, twitter is monopolizing my life *lebay. Last week gw ke bandung for almost a week, ada project disana. Errr, males ya kayanya ngomongin kerja hahaha. So far gw sih gw enjoy, orang-orang disana baik-baik banget.

Actually gw mau berkeluh kesah tentang twitter, bukan twitter nya, tapi orang-orang yg make twitter. Di twitter kan ada buat reply ada buat re-tweet, kadang-kadang or should i say sering orang-orang tertentu ngobrol sama org pake re-tweet, sedangkan re-tweet itu bisa dibaca semua orang, beda sama reply yg langsung ke orang tersebut. Gw sampe unfollow salah satu temen gw karena dia ngobrol pake re-tweet. Okay, re-tweet emang berguna buat ketauan kita bales tweet yg mana, tapi kalo mau ngobrol ya pake reply aja kek, menuh-menuhin timeline orang aja. If you want to chat with particular person please use reply! Kalo sekali-sekali boleh lah, nah ini tiap bales tweet orang pake re-tweet, buset udah jelas-jelas kata-katanya yg satu reply yang satu re-tweet ada "RE"nya bukan berarti reply, itu tuh RE untuk perulangan like replace, reuse! Udah jelas-jelas ada pilihannya, apa emang mau biar semua orang baca gitu? Hey, gw gak se-kepo itu, kalo ngobrol sama org yg gw gak kenal kan percuma aja. Oiya satu lagi, kalo mau reply ke banyak orang, di ubertwitter ada pilihan reply all, langsung deh pencet aja, jd ga perlu pake (re-tweet)²an. *kesannya pakar twitter banget gw! Maap deh. Maaf kalo ada yang tersinggung.

Pardon the indo-english ya bro, cici lagi najis nih beberapa minggu ini bahasanya. Hehehe. See you when i see you peeps!

Theme song hari ini *saking mati gaya di kantor : Katy Perry - Hot n Cold, agak diganti-ganti dikit biar pas, hehehe.

You're yes then you're no. You're in then you're out. You're right when it's wrong. I hate to always fight and make up.

No, it isn't for Arya :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Very Random Junk

Waktu gw bangun tidur tadi pagi dan langsung ke kamar mandi, gw nyanyi satu bait lagu sambil pipis. Suara berat serak-serak basah gw pun bikin gw senyum-senyum, betapa bagusnya suara gw kalo lagi flu dan baru bangun tidur. Kalah deh Reza Artamevia, hahaha. Seriously, suara gw kalo lagi flu sexy abis. Dulu pas jaman-jamannya masih SMA dimana gw kayak sebulan sekali kena radang tenggorokan dan suara gw berubah kayak kodok, gw suka banget nyanyi pas lagi radang tenggorokan, padahal suaranya udah sekarat. Hehe this is junk post by the way! :D

Next, tau lagu "Suara" kan? Yg pertama dinyanyiin sama Hijau Daun, trus skrg dinyanyiin ulang sama Luna Maya. Entah kenapa pas dinyanyiin Hijau Daun, gw eneg banget sama itu lagu, ya ya karna saking enegnya gw jadi afal, it's guilty pleasure baby! Tapi semenjak dinyanyiin ulang sama Luna Maya, gw jd gak malu lagi mau bersenandung lagu itu, Luna Maya aja nyanyiin, kenapa gw nggak? Hahaha.

I'm home alone right now, it means no interupting while watching Grey's Anatomy. So, see ya!

Friday, July 10, 2009


What's goin on in my life these past few days :

  1. I finally cut my hair last Tuesday. Here's the pic :) pardon the guy behind me, he's my friend, Adri, my thesis team's tutor..
  2. Udah ngeprint buat hardcover dan udah masuk tahap peng-hardcover-an dan tinggal dikumpul hari senin minggu depan.
  3. Udah beberapa hari gak main The Sims karena udah bosen.
  4. Maraton Grey's nya juga lagi ngadat karna males.
  5. Beli ikan mas koki baru 2 biji, sama ama yg sebelumnya tapi lebih kecil dan imut dan lebih gonjreng warnanya (mgkn karna beli di ace hardware, ikan perangkat keras ya?)
  6. Tenggorokan gw ga enak, hhhhh..
  7. Rahang kanan gw sakit! Bunyi pula kletek² kalo mangap lebar². Ini aneh bgt berhubung sakitnya abis gw makan permen karet, mungkin gw terlalu hot ngunyah permen karetnya yak? Hehe.

Udah sih itu aja kayaknya, paling heboh si rahang gw itu, kata abang gw yg dokter gigi itu mgkn kmrn rahang gw copot, tauk beneran apa cuma nakut-nakutin doang..

Besok udah weekend lagi loh.. ga berasa ya! Pada mau ngapain weekend besok? Gw sendiri sih rencananya nntn Ice Age 3 yg blm kesampean karna keabisan tiket, trus hari minggunya mau ke mangdu deh :D

Friday, July 3, 2009


This post is gonna be not-so-me post, since it is quite confusing, especially for you who read it. I wrote and reread it and I'm confused too.

There's something in my mind.
A question about something, it has slipped in my mind for a quite long time now.
Something that makes me think "who am I?"
Something that makes me say "I am nobody"
This 'something' has lead to other things, other questions.
I'm questioning myself.
I never got the answer.
Is it me?
Or am I just being melodramatic?
Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I can’t stop grinning all day long :D :D

Yesterday is my judgement day, sidang skripsi gw maksudnya. And it went really well :)

I got an A!!! :))))) that explains a lot why i can't stop grinning all day long :D :D :D gw sama tika dapet nilai A, tp too bad aris beda sendiri dia dapet B. Gak berenti2 gw mengucap syukur kepada Allah SWT, doa-doa gw dikabulin, sampe-sampe gw dapet dosen pengujinya sesuai sama yg gw mau. Dosen penguji gw kemaren Bpk Samuel Mahatmaputra, S.Kom sama Bpk Yaya Suryana. Gw pengen disidang sama Pak Samuel, karna dia orgnya fokus ke skripsi yg kita bikin, gak OOT kalo kata orang-orang, hahaha.

Kemarin itu, kalo ibaratnya gw lg main The Sims, lifetime achievement gw adalah graduate college with good grade. And I made it, yg bikin mood gw selama 7 hari +40 mood :D :D

Gw mau ngucapin terima kasih buat semua yg sudah membantu secara moral dan materil dalam pembuatan skripsi ini, yg pertama tentunya Allah SWT, mama, papa, mas rendy, om joko, tante minda, oma, datuk, dan seluruh keluarga besar yg telah memberikan dukungan.

Pacar gw arya, udah melewati berantem2 kecil gara2 gw stress skripsi.

Teman sekelompok gw tentunya tika sama aris, makasih buat ketawa2nya yg priceless.

Teman-teman semua, emon yg bersedia dimarah2in juga, yg lainnya semuanyaaaaa yg males gw sebutin satu persatu dari temen smp, sma, kuliah hehehe.

Buat tutor dadakan kita, adri yg baru mulai rese2 hari kamis, pdhl seninnya kita sidang, hehe.

Buat mumun, kendaraan yg setia gw tumpangin.

And last but not least my laptop! Hehehe. Ok, skrg waktunya upgrade ke vista sp2 ya..

Liburan kemana yaaa enaknya..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Westwick ♥♥♥

One word : fabooooosh!
He is modelling for fall's latest fashion in GQ magazine July 2009.
Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tulisan di Hari Minggu

Hari ini gak seperti hari minggu biasanya dimana gw pasti udah diculik sama Arya seharian. Hari ini dia mau traktir temen SMAnya, trus gw males ikut. Pas banget hari ini nyokap gw masak nasi uduk dilengkapi sama ayam goreng yang paling gw suka, ada sambel kacangnya juga, telor, kering tempe, bawang goreng dan kerupuk tentu sebagai pelengkapnya! Hehehe.

Tadi sore-sore nyokap minta dianterin ke supermarket terdekat yaitu tip top. Pas disana ga tau kenapa kok gw ngantuk banget, pas lagi jalan di lorong-lorong supermarket paasss banget gw lg nguap trus ga sengaja ngeliat Marcell Siahaan mantan suaminya Dewi Lestari! Gw langsung buru-buru menyudahi nguap gw, dan akhirnya sadar kalo dia bukan Marcell Siahaan! Hahaha. Tapi sumpah mirip abis, botak-botaknya, jenggotnya, 11-12 abis.

Next, gw mau cerita tentang malem mingguan gw kemarin. Gw, Arya, dan anak-anak berempat itu nonton The Master LIVE dari studio 4 RCTI!! Hahahaha. Ada yang ga tau acara The Master? Itu reality contest kaya Indonesian Idol, tapi kalo yg itu nyari penyanyi, nah ini nyari pesulap. Gara-garanya si Arya penasaran banget pengen dihipnotis sama Romy Rafael, gw juga sih hehe. Hari jumat malem sebenernya udah kesana, tapinya pas nyampe situ taunya the master adanya hari sabtu, hari jumat itu ada pemilihan Miss Indonesia 2009 (FYI Pemenangnya dari DKI Jakarta, gak bisa ngomong bahasa Indonesia kayanya, Inggrisnya nyerocos abis!) pas kita nyampe sana, gerbang masuk studio ditutup gitu. Sebenernya nonton The Master itu pake undangan yang bisa diambil langsung di RCTI tapi sebenernya kita ga punya undangan. Tapi kan kemaren kita udah nanya-nanya juga ke satpam, katanya bisa langsung dateng aja. Akhirnya gw dan yg lain nunggu bareng alay-alay sambil ngelobi pak satpam biar boleh masuk duluan. Setelah gerbang udah lewat di dalem ada gerbang lagi. Di gerbang yang kedua, sekuriti nya bilang kalo kita ga punya tiket nontonnya yang diluar gitu. Setelah berhasil ngelobi di gerbang kedua, kita boleh masuk ke studio, pas disitu tempat duduknya udah tinggal buat kita berenam doang (udah gitu empet-empetan abis dan misah-misah duduknya sebelah alay pula). Entah ada angin apa, akhirnya sama crewnya kita disuruh duduk di depan gitu, dengan kursi yang tentunya agak lebih nyaman dan kemungkinan maju lebih besar! Hahaha. Dan menit-menit sebelum acara mulai, alay-alay yg tadi kok udah ga ada disitu ya, jangan-jangan diusir ke luar. Gw ama yg lain sih mikirnya itu pake screening muka, hahaha kePDan abis kan! Tapi emang akhirnya ga ada alay lagi di dalem studio.

Akhirnya acara dimulai, dan yak nonton The Master live dari studio bikin gw ilfeel seada-adanya. Semua direkayasa, ketauan abis, yang sulap-sulap kecepatan tangan juga masih keliatan tangannya ngapain. Gw cuma nonton sampe kontestan yg namanya Krisnaji doang (itu juga gw udah duduk-duduk di luar tapi ga merhatiin sama sekali) soalnya udah kemaleman, lagian kayanya Deddy Corbuzier sama Romy Rafael kayanya gak main. Tapi tau-taunya pas gw udah di jalan pulang si Deddy Corbuzier main, trus penontonnya dipilih pake frisbee (kalo pake frisbee kayanya sih ga rekayasa :p). Kesan-kesan gw sih sebenernya gw gak pengen nonton live lagi, pegel duduk, pegel tepuk tangan, studionya panas! Tapi masih penasaran aja rasanya dihipnotis sama Romy Rafael. Ganteng banget doi bok :D

Friday, June 5, 2009

Minggu ini berlalu begitu cepat

Hari senin : ke kampus, bimbingan skripsi harus nyelesaiin bab 1, 2, 3. Alhamdulillah cuma perlu ada revisi kecil. Tapi senin depan demo program, dan kelompok gw belom bikin sama sekali.

Hari selasa : ulang tahun Arya. SUPER GATOT!! Gw sama temen-temen nungguin dia di kosannya di rooftop, nunggu dia pulang kerja. Gw udah titip ke satpamnya suruh jangan bilang-bilang, taunya ada satu lagi bapaknya yg bilangin ke dia, jadinya Arya malah nyamperin kita ke rooftop! Huh! Gw lagi males mau upload foto-fotonya, liat di facebook gw aja yaa..

Hari rabu : ngerjain program skripsi, dari mulai cuma 5% langsung meningkat naik ke 40%. Alhamdulillah. BIG thanks to Adit!!

Hari kamis (hari ini) : ngerjain program skripsi lagi, lumayan udah 80% lah, masih ada sedikit error sana sini di digitasi nya.

Hari jumat (besok) : ga tau mau ngapain.. kayaknya mau benerin perancangan layar, sama nebelin gambar STD.

Asiiik Hari sabtu : PACARAN AH! :D

Pelajaran yang bisa diambil dari mengerjakan program : digitasi pake arcview kadang-kadang bikin emosi jiwa, digitasi pulau-pulau apalagi kepulauan seribu itu woow kecil-kecil banget ya!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Seperti di twitter gw, td gw nge-tweet kata-kata itu, spik babs! Maaf ini junk post (niatnya mau marah-marah, tapi kita lihat saja) , gw lagi ga moodnya abis-abisan gara-gara seseorang. Tapi gak bisa cerita ke siapa-siapa, cerita sih td ke Emon doang. Hhhhhhhhhh. Gedeg banget gitu rasanya!! Ikhlasin aja sih kayanya yaaaaaa.. tapi keinget-inget mulu masa!

Meanwhile, pacarku Arya Yudha Prawira berulang tahun hari ini :) yang ke 22 dan Alhamdulillah sudah employed! Td pas jam 12 gw cuma nelvon dia doang ngucapin happy birthday, tapi dia ngantuk banget kayanya, jd gw mau nelvon lagi besok pagi aja. (garing yak! Hahaha)

Udah ah gak moooooddd!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Semua tau Gita Gutawa kan? Penyanyi yang terkenal dengan suaranya yang melengking itu..

Dia baru ngeluarin single baru judulnya Parasit. Dan dari mulai pertama kali gw denger lagu itu, udah ketancep langsung di otak gw dan ga bisa dikeluarin. Biasanya kan lagu yg disebelin yang ketancep di otak, tapi gw ga sebel sama lagu ini. Lucu banget lagunyaa!

Pertama kali gw liatnya di Dahsyat, gw nonton dengan lugunya dan ketawa-ketawa pas denger liriknya. Mana pas di Dahsyat si Gita Gutawa bilang lagunya buat Raffi Ahmad! Hahaha. Abis itu mulai sering di radio, trus gw denger sama Arya makin ketawa-tawa lah gw sama dia. Lagunya itu ceritanya tentang pacar yang parasit gitu minta ini itu, banyak maunya!

Ini potongan lagunya yang paling catchy :D

"Minta dibayarin, minta ditraktirin, minta dianterin, minta dijemputin, minta ditelvonin, minta diSMSin, minta dibeliin, minta dibayarin, minta dibayarin, minta ditraktirin, minta dianterin, minta dijemputin, minta ditelvonin, minta diSMSin, minta dibeliin, dasar kau parasit!"

The best part adalah "minta di eS eM eSsssiiinnnn" dengan khas lentingan suara Gita Gutawa. Untung gak minta ditransferin pulsa juga :))

PS : Postingan ini gak dapet sponsor sama sekali dari Gita Gutawa.

Monday, May 25, 2009

New Themes (again!)

I decided to change my blog themes again, I don't even know for how many times. And for now I chose the simple one (the greeny themes with a little girl on the top of my page), too cute for me right? Hahahaha.

I supposed to be in bed right now, the fact that it's almost 3am. (Indonesian Mode : ON) Tapi karena tadi pas mau tidur gw di bbm in dan disuruh ngeliat sesuatu, hasilnya malah gw terperangkap jebakan setan internet. Hehehe. Besok nanti pagi gw ke kampus, bimbingan skripsi.. Udah 2 minggu aja gw gak ke kampus!

Gw lagi gak tau mau nulis apaan nih, tapi gw pengen cerita satu hal. Mungkin lebih/kurang dari seminggu yang lalu gw mengalami mimpi yang aneh. Lupa sih apaan sebenernya mimpi gw, tapi yang jelas di mimpi itu gw diharuskan untuk buang ludah (padahal ngeliat orang buang ludah adalah satu hal yang gw gak suka) tapiii malahan gw buang ludahnya gak di mimpi, tapi di kenyataan! Jadi gw tidur sambil buang ludah!!!! HAHAHAHAHA. Karena posisi lagi tidur jadinya ludah gw yg ada ngebleber di dagu gw, pas itu gw sadar dan kebangun, tapi gw malah ngelap ludah gw pake bed cover terus lanjut tidur lagi sambil ketawa-ketawa. Goblok abis gak sih gw?!

Pelajaran yang gw dapet dari insiden buang ludah adalah : mimpi bisa jadi kenyataan ;)

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Internet Habit Got Distracted by dr. Derek Shepherd

Hari rabu kemaren gw dipinjemin dvd grey's anatomy dari emon, tapiiii cuma season 2 sama 3 doang. Dia nyuruh gw download sendiri yg season 1 nya! Untung cuma 9 episode, jadi gw ngabisin waktu gw seharian di hari kamis buat dowload sambil nonton. Hari jumatnya gw lanjut ke season 2 sampe disc 3 (12 episode!). Sabtu-Minggu libur dong tentunya kan weekend, hehe.

Sekarang hari senin dan gw ngelanjutin udah di pertengahan disc 6, trus td kepotong mandi, maghrib, makan, sampe akhirnya gw sadar dari hari jumat gw udah ga nyentuh internet! Hahaha. Maapin deh dr. Shepherd bikin hidup gw bahagia lahir batin!

Tentunya sama kehadiran dr. Mark Sloan

Agak telat sebenernya gw nonton grey's, udah dari dulu pengen minjem dvd nya tp gak berhasil² mulu.

Kemaren hari minggu gw nonton angels and demons. Menurut gw, bagus sih filmnya (ada 'sih'nya pasti ada 'tapi'nya) tapi intrik-nya kebaca banget. Obvious bgt yg jahat siapa di film itu. Belom
belom gw belom baca –bukunya-lah!

Gw buka account blogger gw ngecek reading list gw. Ternyata gw disebut² di 2 blog.

Yang pertama : disini. Yang punya blog nyuruh gw main polyvore lagi buat ikutan kontes yg dia bikin (gak liat apa gw aja cuma punya set 3 biji di polyvore hahaha) oh yes, i don't do polyvore anymore, soalnya kalo gw buka polyvore waktu gw abis cuma liatin barang² yg bikin gw ngiler setengah mati!

Yang kedua : disini. Yang punya blog nulis cerita lama, which is itu bagus banget buat diingat² karena pasti bikin semua orang ceng²in gw! Hahaha.

That is my past few days, what about yours? I hope everyone had a great weekend J

Thursday, May 14, 2009

R.I.P : Ular-nya Bayu (ular beneran!)

Kronologi Kejadian :

18 April 2009 : Ular Bayu masih dalam keadaan hidup dan kemungkinan besar kelaparan karena sudah beberapa minggu tidak diberi makan, yaitu tikus! Gw, Bayu, dan Arya masih sempat memain-mainkan ular itu sebelum kami berangkat ke Puncak. Pada saat itu kata Bayu mata sang Ular terlihat sangat pucat dan itu tandanya dia sedang 'galak'. Gw dan Arya sangat ingin sekali melihat ular itu makan, maka Bayu menjanjikan nanti akan memberi makan kalau ada kita.

6 Mei 2009 : Akhirnya Bayu, David, dan Emon membeli sebuah tikus untuk memberi makan si ular. Tikus putih itu sangat besar, diameternya 2,5x lebih besar dari diameter si ular. Kata Bayu, dia sengaja beli yg besar karena si ular udah lama gak makan. Gw sama Arya bilang kenapa gak dibeliin 2 tapi yang kecil-kecil aja. Bayu bilang dia udah pernah kayak gitu beliin 2, tapi yg terjadi adalah tikus1 berhasil dimakan oleh ular, sedangkan tikus2 hanya dibunuh saja dan didiamkan tidak dimakan. Sadis.

Kami bersiap-siap menonton pergulatan antara ular dan tikus. Detik-detik pertama tikus dimasukkan, dia masih asik lari sana-sini, sementara si ular masih bermalas-malasan (mungkin masih mempelajari gerak-gerik si tikus tengil itu). Setelah Bayu menggeser si ular tepat di depan tikus, ular masih diam saja, selang beberapa detik kemudian si ular sudah pasang kuda-kuda (ya seperti yg sering diliat di TV). Patokan pertama, gagal. Tikus masih bisa lari-lari.

Patokan kedua, gagal lagi. Better luck next time, ular! Akhirnya kami memutuskan untuk menyelesaikan tontonan kami dan para lelaki kembali bermain Tamiya, gw dan Emon kembali main Guitar Heroes, dan Fitri, gw lupa dia ngapain.

Selang setengah jam mungkin, gw mau ke bawah karena mau ambil charger di mobil, gw ngecek keadaan si ular dan tikus. Wow! Ternyata si tikus sudah berada di pelukan sang ular alias dililit-lilit! Tikus udah gak berbentuk, dan si ular tampak sangat menikmati pelukan hangatnya itu. Dari mulai kepala tikus itu sudah hampir tidak kelihatan. Kemudian kami pun pergi ke Bandar Jakarta untuk surprise ulang tahun Resik.

Sepulang dari Ancol, ternyata ular sudah selesai makan dan sedang tidak bisa bergerak pasti karena kekenyangan. Perutnya terlihat sangat besar. Selamat ular! Akhirnya kenyang juga!

10 Mei 2009 : Gw baru sampai rumah Bayu, Arya sudah mengeluarkan tool box Tamiya-nya, gw abis pipis dan Emon mau turun ke bawah waktu gw mau buka tutup kandang si ular. Emon sempet ngeliatin sebentar, sampe akhirnya gw berani megang tutupan kandang dan berhasil mengintip sedikit ke dalam. Tapi kok aneh, gw bilang ke Emon, "mon, kok ulernya disemutin?" lalu dia bilang gw suruh tanya Bayu.

Gw masuk ke kamar, Bayu keliatannya masih tidur-tiduran di kasur, jadi gw bilang ke Arya "dut, ulernya disemutin!". Arya keliatannya kaget tapi pasti gak percaya karena gw memang suka bohong ngerjain orang. Bayu nengok ke gw, gw ulang lagi kata-kata gw "bay, uler lo disemutin!", seperti yg gw duga, Bayu juga ga percaya, pasti dikira gw iseng nge-bluff dia. Sampe akhirnya gw blg Sumpah Demi Allah. Mereka langsung keluar, Bayu langsung membuka tutup kandangnya. Ya, ularnya disemutin, gw masih rada bingung tu ular masih gerak apa nggak, karena ular kan emang sering diem aja. Tapi ada yg aneh lagi di dalam kandang, ada putih-putih dan ada buntutnya! Yap, itu almarhum tikus tengil yang kemarin, udah sangat gak berbentuk dan keliatan agak basah. Akhirnya Bayu meng-confirm bahwa ular itu sudah mati. Dan pasti tikus itu dimuntahin lagi sama si ular. Bayu mengira-ngira, mungkin karena kemarin habis dimain-mainin dan dipegang-pegang sama sodara-sodaranya, ularnya belom selesai mencerna si tikus, jd mgkn si ular mual-mual. Too bad! Lalu Bayu mengangkat kandangnya dan turun kebawah untuk segera memakamkan sang ular tak berbisa.

Good bye ular. We're gonna miss you.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Habis Sudah TV Series-ku

Sial! TV series langganan gw kenapa setiap minggu ada aja yg mendadak jd season finale!

Pertama-tama Privileged.
Baru Season 1 sih, semoga aja dilanjutin! Udah dari 2 bulan yang lalu ini kalo ga salah. Biasalahhh akhirannya kentang!

Yang kedua Cinta Fitri (what?!?)
Walaupun gak nonton episode terakhirnya, itu ceritanya kentangnya pol-polan! Sekarang juga udah diulang lg sih di SCTV setiap jam 10 pagi, tapi gw selalu lupa nonton.

Yang ketiga Heroes.
Okey, ceritanya ngalor ngidul gak jelas kemana arahnya. Makin it's complicated kayak relationship status. Tapi tetep aja gw penasaran.

Nah yang sekarang Private Practice.
Man, gw gak boong ini tuh kentang abis-abisan pol-polan to the max!! Bikin gemes minta digamparin banget! Violet pas mau disayat perutnya sama pasien psycho-nya itu, tapi malah bersambung, gw kira ada lanjutannya, gw cek-cek kok ga ada-ada yg upload episode 23nya. Ternyata eh ternyata episode 22 adalah season finale!

Dan yang pasti dalam beberapa minggu lagi Gossip Girl juga mau episode terakhir!

Hhhhh, ga ada tontonan deh :(
Monday, May 11, 2009

ReBlogged (nyontek dr blognya Gabe) ; How To : Install Love

Way too cute. It helps.

How to Install LOVE

Tech Support: Hello … how can I help you?

Customer: Well, after much consideration, I’ve decided to install Love. Can you guide me through the process?

Tech Support: Yes. I can help you. Are you ready to proceed?

Customer: Well, I’m not very technical, but I think I’m ready. What do I do first?

Tech Support: The first step is to open your Heart. Have you located your Heart?

Customer: Yes, but there are several other programs running now. Is it okay to install Love while they are running?

Tech Support: What programs are running ?

Customer: Let’s see, I have Past Hurt, Low Self-Esteem, Grudge and Resentment running right now.

Tech Support: No problem, Love will gradually erase Past Hurt from your current operating system. It may remain in your permanent memory but it will no longer disrupt other programs. Love will eventually override Low Self-Esteem with a module of its own called High Self-Esteem. However, you have to completely turn off Grudge and Resentment. Those programs prevent Love from being properly installed. Can you turn those off ?

Customer: I don’t know how to turn them off. Can you tell me how?

Tech Support: With pleasure. Go to your start menu and invoke Forgiveness. Do this as many times as necessary until Grudge and Resentment have been completely erased.

Customer: Okay, done! Love has started installing itself. Is that normal?

Tech Support: Yes, but remember that you have only the base program. You need to begin connecting to other Hearts in order to get the upgrades.

Customer: Oops! I have an error message already. It says, “Error - Program not run on external components.” What should I do?

Tech Support: Don’t worry. It means that the Love program is set up to run on Internal Hearts, but has not yet been run on your Heart. In non-technical terms, it simply means you have to Love yourself before you can Love others.

Customer: So, what should I do?

Tech Support: Pull down Self-Acceptance; then click on the following files: Forgive-Self; Realize Your Worth; and Acknowledge your Limitations.

Customer: Okay, done.

Tech Support: Now, copy them to the “My Heart” directory. The system will overwrite any conflicting files and begin patching faulty programming. Also, you need to delete Verbose Self-Criticism from all directories and empty your Recycle Bin to make sure it is completely gone and never comes back.

Customer: Got it. Hey! My heart is filling up with new files. Smile is playing on my monitor and Peace and Contentment are copying themselves all over My Heart. Is this normal?

Tech Support: Sometimes. For others it takes awhile, but eventually everything gets it at the proper time. So Love is installed and running. One more thing before we hang up. Love is Freeware. Be sure to give it and its various modules to everyone you meet. They will in turn share it with others and return some cool modules back to you.

Customer: Thank you, God.
Thursday, May 7, 2009

Resik's 22nd Birthday :) :)

Hari rabu kemarin gw sama teman² berhasil bikin surprise buat Ulang Tahunnya Resik.
Setelah taun lalu di tanggal 31 Juli kita berhasil bikin yg ultah nangis abis²an gara² terharu, hehehe..
Tadinya pengen surprise-in ke rumahnya Resik malem² abis dia pulang kuliah, ternyata rencananya berubah karna keluarganya Resik ngajakin kita makan di Bandar Jakarta dan bikin surprise disana.
Ada kejadian lucu, pas udah nyampe disana, emon megangin kue dan gw jagain lilin (udah kayak babay ngefet gw), tau²nya pas lg jalan buru² kita ngelewatin AC dan mendadak sontak lilinnya langsung mati semua dan gw berdua emon teriak sekenceng²nya sampe semua mas² mba² sama keluarganya Resik ngeliatin.. Hahaha. Alhasil pas nyampe di Resik lilinnya msh blm nyala :D

And this is the present from US to RESIK PERMATA SARI..
kalo kata Bayu ini masih versi beta, nanti gw cari lg deh versi printnya beneran, hehe

Yup itu monopoli, tp dimodif isinya sesuai dgn kehidupannya Resik, sama rumah kita². Hehehe. Lucu gak lucu gak??

Selanjutnya kita juga bikin ini..

ps : the part came all the way from bandung, so it's a lil bit different :p

Dan sekarang, suasana di Bandar Jakarta

Bayu & Ivan duet maut nyanyi Overjoyed
Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beautiful Song by Feist and Beautiful Video by Plain White T's

Feist - La Meme Histoire - We're all in the dance

Life's a dance, we all have to do
What does the music require?
People are moving together
Close as the flames in a fire

Feel the beat; music and rhyme
While there is time.

We all go 'round and 'round
Partners of lost and found
Looking for one more chance
All I know is,
We're all in the dance

Night and Day, the music plays on
We are all part of the show
While we can hold on to someone
Even though life won't let us go

Feel the beat; music and rhyme
While there is time.

We all go round and round
Partners of lost and found
Looking for one more chance
All I know is,
We're all in the dance

We're all in the dance

We all go round and round
Partners of lost and found
Looking for one more chance
All we know is,
We're all in the dance

Plain White T's - 1 2 3 4


Give me more loving than I've ever had
Make it all better when I'm feeling sad
Tell me I'm special even when I know I'm not
Make it feel good when it hurts so bad
Barely get mad
I'm so glad I found you
I love being around you
You make it easy

It's as easy as 1-2-1-2-3-4
There's only
ONE thing (one)
TWO do (two)
THREE words (three)
FOUR you... (four)
(I love you) I love you
There's only
ONE way (one)
TWO say (two)
Those THREE words (three)
And that's what I'll do... (four)
(I love you) I love you

Give me more loving from the very start
Piece me back together when I fall apart
Tell me things you never even tell your closest friends
Make it feel good when it hurts so bad
The best that I've had
And I'm so glad I found you
I love being around you
You make it easy

It's as easy as 1-2-1-2-3-4
There's only
ONE thing (one)
TWO do (two)
THREE words (three)
FOUR you... (four)
(I love you) I love you
There's only
ONE way (one)
TWO say (two)
Those THREE words (three)
And that's what I'll do... (four)
(I love you) I love you
(I love you) I love you

You make it easy
It's as easy as 1-2-1-2-3-4
There's only
ONE thing
TWO do
THREE words
FOUR you...
(I love you) I love you
There's only
ONE way
TWO say
Those THREE words
And that's what I'll do...
(I love you) I love you
(I love you) I love you
I love you
(I love you) I love you
Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cerita Gw di Nguping Jakarta

Hehehehehe kiriman cerita via email gw ke ngupingjakarta akhirnya di publish juga!!

Silahkan bisa diliat disini..

Tapi yg satu lagi blm dimasukin kayaknya, ga terlalu lucu kali ya.. Hehe.
Gw baru inget ceritanya itu tentang bokap gw yg salah ngomong, tp gw lupa salah ngomong apa :D
Seneng pokoknya gw cerita gw udah tampil dan bisa dilihat banyak orang, walaupun orang² ga tau itu cerita dari gw. Thank you Nguping Jakarta!!
Monday, May 4, 2009

Miss Those silly-yet-very-addicting Bulletin Boards

Waktu friendster masih hits berat dan masih naik daun parah, siapa sih yg gak tau bulletin board? Hehehe.
Hari ini entah mengapa kok gw kangen ngisi bulletin board di friendster..
Pertanyaan² bodoh dan gak penting. Tapi tetep aja gw sering ngisi bulletin board!
Mungkin banyak yg nganggep itu gak penting (dan emang ga penting) tp seru aja jawab²in pertanyaan² konyol yg sering diulang²..
Sebenernya sih tinggal buka friendster trus dijawab²in deh tu bulbo (nama keren) tp barusan aja gw buka friendster gw dan itu kayak gak ada kehidupan, ga ada comment, friend request, atau apapun yg bikin gw berinteraksi sama teman².. Hahaha.
Akhirnya gw lanjut buat ngecek ada yg nge-post bulbo apa nggak dan ternyata gak ada!
Yg ada cuman yg post²in pertanyaan²nya gitu tp ga ada yg jawab. Hahahaha.
And for the old times sake, now i'm gonna post it right here :p

Subject : what, when, why, who, where

1. Apa yg kmu pikirkan saat ini ?
: "asik akhirnya ngisi bulbo"
2. Apa yg ingin kmu katakan pd seseorang yg ternyata sgt sayang sm kamu?
: "aku sayang kamu juga"
3. Apa yg kamu katakan saat kmu bangun td pagi?
: jam berapa iniii..
4. Apa rencana kamu besok?
: merayakan ulang tahun papa
5. Apa mimpi terindah kamu?
: banyak
6. Apa lagu yg pernah membuat kamu menangis?
: james morrison - pieces don't fit anymore
7. Apa film yg mengingatkan kamu dgn mantan kamu?
: banyak. LOL
8. Pujian apa yg paling membuatmu senang?
: baik bgt
9. Apa yg saat ini kamu inginkan?
: sendal baru, tas baru. udah ga mau muluk²
10. Apa yg akan kamu lakukan jika pacar kamu dtg ke rumah membawa bunga?
: makasiiih, tp kan ak bilang jgn beliin bunga lagi! hahaha
11. Apa yang akan kamu lakukan jika mantan kamu menelpon kamu dan bilang "kangen"?
: hmmm.. so?
12. Apa yg kamu suka dr pacar/gebetan kamu?
: inner beauty *wekkkkss
13. Apa yang kamu benci dr mantan kamu?
: ya masa ditulis?
14. Kata apa yg bisa mendeskripsikan keadaan kamu detik ini?
: senang campur deg²an
15. Apa yang membuat kamu tertawa terakhir kali?
: telvonan sm pacar gw

1. Jam brp kamu bangun td pagi?sholat subuh ga?
: jam 10. hehehehehehe.
2. Kapan terakhir x kamu menangis?
: waktu terjadi weekend drama
3. Kapan terakhir x kmu patah hati?
: sudah lupa tuh
4. Kapan terakhir x kamu kecewa krn seseorang?
: pas weekend drama juga
5. Kapan terakhir x kamu ditembak?
: lebih dari 20 bulan yang lalu
6. Kapan terakhir kali kamu kesal dan rasanya ingin membunuh orang?
: lupa
7. Kapan kamu berencana untuk mempunyai anak?
: pas udah nikah
8. Kapan kamu terakhir x belanja?
: hmm kayaknya 3 minggu yg lalu
9. Kapan terakhir kali kamu menolak seseorang?
: totally forgot
10. Kapan kamu merasakan first kiss kamu?
: SMP :D

1. Kenapa kamu ngisi bulbo ini?
: i told u so, i missed u!
2. Kenapa kamu kesal?
: kpn gw kesel? *pertanyaan kayak gini yg paling ngangenin abisan sotoy pertanyaannya
3. Kenapa kamu malas belajar?
: karna pelajarannya susah
4. Kenapa kamu sayang dia (org yg sedang kamu sayangi)?
: karna dia patut untuk disayangi *cie elaaahh
5. Kenapa kamu minta balikan sm mantan kamu?
: siapa yg minta balikan?
6. Kenapa kamu ngefans sm kangen band?
: elo kali yg ngefans! hahaha.
8. Kenapa kamu mau dikhianati?
: menurut lo?
10. Kenapa kamu putus dgn mantan kamu?
: ada deh

1. Siapa orang yang pertama kali kamu ingat saat kamu bgn pagi ini?
: arya yudha prawira
2. Siapa orang yg paling berharga bwt kamu?
: family, friends, bf
3. Siapa yg sedang kamu sebel?
: ga ada
4. Siapa yg terakhir kamu peluk?
: arya
5. Siapa orang yg terakhir kamu curhatin?
: renong marwetong
6. Siapa yg terakhir x telpon kamu?
: arya
7. Siapa teman yg terakhir x kamu temui?
: the weekend-ers
8. Siapa orang yg ingin kamu temui?
: hugh jackman *mau kissy² buat film wolverine nya yg akebb!!
9. Siapa yg paling ngertiin kamu?
: arya
10. Dgn siapa terakhir x kamu chatting?
: arya (plis not him again)
10. Dgn siapa terakhir x kamu clubing?
: saya anak baik²

1. Di mana kamu skrg?
: kamar
2. Di mana tempat fav kamu?
: banyak cuy
3. Tempat yg selalu kamu ingin datangi?
: Mall! hahahahaha
4. Tempat kamu nangis terakhir kali?
: rumah babayuuu
5. Tempat paling berkesan?
: banyak men!

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