Thursday, November 12, 2009

Feeling : Sad

Yes, I'm feeling sad right now. My bf just told me that he couldn't come to my graduation day on November 21st because he probably still flying along Indonesia, he maybe can make it to photoshoot after the ceremonial, if it's not too late. I feel like crying right now, but it was impossible, because I'm still in office.

Now I want to make myself laughing by reading this ridiculous blog post by insomniac lollita..

Tmi Thursday : Gotta Love Underwear Models

Holy crap, it's Thursday. You know what it means? Crazy kids gotta participate on Lilu's TMI Thursday. Today's TMI story is about a guy best friend of mine, he's not new in my blog because I wrote about him in one of my previous TMI posts.

So if you've read my blog for long, let me refresh your memory. Remember a guy friend of mine who liked a Japanese chick who's into blond haired guy, he ended up dyeing his hair blond only to have it rubbed all over her crotch? Yeah, that guy. I wont mention his name here like I did in the previous post. Let's just call him with his initial, R.

I should give him TMI award for having really awesome things happen to him often.

A lot of people know that my friend R currently works in an oil company in Singapore since last year, and before that he worked here in the company's Jakarta office. But less people know that aside of that, he's also a part time model...

... unless for people who are into fashion so much and read fashion magazines, of course. Finding his pictures in magazines and store billboards are unavoidable. The guy's tall, toned, tanned, and of Puerto Rican and French descents. Fashion industry loves him, so do women and men ( He's straight though ) . He did ad campaigns for several brands, some that I remember were Etro, Energie, Diesel, and... Calvin Klein underwear.

Enjoy this, lovelies!

Knowing your friend did an underwear ad is amazing, you see? You can constantly mock him about it. Especially when you go to the store in the mall and see the big billboard of him and another model dude sprawling on a big white bed only in their tight briefs.

But you know what's even more amazing? Hearing his ( overly ) detailed story about it. I remember it as if it was yesterday.

R, me, and our friend Natasha were out shopping at one of the malls here. Of course we made it a habit to walk pass the store and mocked R. We then sat at our favorite coffee shop to drink, eat cakes, and talk. Its our after-shopping habit. As we enjoyed our coffees, Natasha asked about the other model dude in the billboard because he's cute, she wondered whether R could introduce them and asked what he's like.

R kinda got this weird expression on his face before he answered, "Alex. He's Russian. Don't really know the guy but I don't think you want him."

Of course Natty was all like, "Why not? You don't think I'm pretty enough for him?"

The following conversation ensued.

R : No, of course you're pretty. I just think he's not into women.

Me : How do you know? He's bigger than you.

R : *glared*

Me : I'm not talking junk size, you're such a guy. I'm talking pecs and biceps!

R : Believe me, I KNOW.

Natasha : How do you know? He told you or something?

R : No, he got a hard on when the photographer took picture of us on that bed...

Us : WHAT???

R : Yeah...

Me : *laughing* Explain!

R : Yeah...he told me he's sorry but he couldn't help it with us being so close all afternoon. The whole photo shoot was a bit stalled because you cant have it while shooting for underwear ad. I mean, we were only in our briefs.

By that time, me and Natasha were laughing to tears and R scowled. Definitely regretted telling us this. But he still answered when Natasha asked, "What did Alex do then? You guys finished the shoot, after all."

R said matter-of-factly, "He told us he needed 5 minutes bathroom break."

I didn't have the heart to ask R who did he think Alex was fantasizing during his "bathroom break", if you know what I mean. Awkward.

I know who would probably laughing her a*s off this story, yea you dude! LOL

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